It is my intention to evaluate the big picture and ask a simple question about life.

How can we do it better?

Roger Mignosa, DO

This blog was created to provide you with a positive lens to view the problems of this world. It is all too common that news is made sensational to gain attention through fear. In the end what we see is multiple arguments with no solutions. Similarly, in medicine we often see a diagnosis, but lack treatments that provide sustainable relief.


The focus on disease shifts our mindset towards finding a diagnosis and largely neglects health. I do not want to fight disease. I want to build health. I want to shift our mindset in a positive way so that society as a whole gives attention to practical solutions that address the complete picture of health.


The complex problems of healthcare cannot be cured by a simple solution. These problems touch every element of mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and environmental health. In order to build health, people must see the whole picture and treat the system as a unit. We must take into account the story of each individual and gain understanding into their life, their beliefs, and how they are connecting to the world.


For medicine to move forward we need proactive people who take an active role in the healing process. Everyone is at the center of their own care. Everyone is the main character in their life story. We need collaborative relationships between patients and healthcare providers. We are all in this together. Growth is the path to health and there are no short cuts.


It is my intent to provide valuable information in a clear format to help you find your way.


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