Youth is more than a numerical age. Youth is a measure of health and vitality.

-Roger Mignosa, DO



Youth is beautiful. Health is beautiful. Is health limited to youth?


Every human being has three distinct ages. We have our numerical, mental, and physical age. Our numerical age is unchangeable, but both our mental and our physical age can be improved. Our mental age is the age that we think we are and how old we act. Our physical age is based upon the fitness and function of the body.


If we are to create the fountain of youth we have to focus on our mental and physical age. Here are three proven methods to improve our physical and mental age.


Caloric Restriction


The rate at which aging occurs is temperature dependent. We all know that if we want to cook an egg faster we just turn up the temperature. People who eat smaller, plant-based, well-balanced meals effectively lower their core body temperature. Plants are rich in nutrients and low in calories. Lowering the core body temperature effectively slows the aging process and allows the body to spend more of its energy on restoration at the cellular level.




Everyone knows that exercise is good for everything, but why does is maintain youth. There are two basic reasons that exercise works so well to slow aging. The first reason is that all tissues require movement and oxygen for cellular signaling and regeneration. Studies have demonstrated that exercise initiates a cascade of reactions that regulate our genetic code to match the physical demands placed on the body from exercise. This is why weight lifters are massive and runners are thin.


The second reason that exercise works to maintain youth is attributed to the temperature stabilizing effects from the body’s improved capacity to hold water in the muscles. The body warms with exercise. In an effort to maintain a stable core body temperature the muscles become more capable of holding water with exercise. This is actually one of the first adaptations to a new exercise program. As a result, many people may be discouraged by an initial weight gain when they began exercising. This is a healthy adaptation and weight loss will follow as long as the person continues to exercise and eats appropriately.




Meditation is the last and most important thing that you can do to create the fountain of youth. Meditation can give you the peace to make healthy decisions.


How mindful are you in your daily decisions?

When you are eating are you tasting?

When you are exercising are you able to be in the moment?


Internal peace is necessary for nourishment. That nourishment can be in many forms. Movement and nutrition are the basics required for youthful health.


Be young. Have fun. Eat healthy. Exercise. Meditate. 


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