• I met Roger during the US Open of Surfing and he worked with me while I was competing. What he taught me over those few days was both eye-opening and beneficial and has inspired me to continue to improve the way I operate my body using the techniques he has shown me.

    Ricardo Christie

    Professional Surfer

    Sports Performance
  • Dr Roger Mignosa, a knowledgeable and compassionate physician interested in the “whole” health of the patient! His continued treatment has allowed me to function normally while dealing with L1-L5 spinal stenosis, pain free!

    Richard Scharff

    Captain (SC), United States Navy (Retired)

    Back Pain
  • I was a nurse and a professor of nursing who was forced to retire at the age of 56 because of two neck injuries resulting in 8 neck surgeries. I also had to undergo a lumbar fusion that stabilized my low back but did not correct the anatomical problem. I have been on opioids for over 20 years and in chronic pain daily.

    Dr. Mignosa was recommended to me by my other Doctor of Osteopathy (DO) to work on my gait and my posture. Roger started by teaching me exercises to strengthen all parts of my body. He has also taught me to breathe in a more productive way. In an effort the cope with the pain I have been seeing him on a weekly basis for manipulation and education. He explains what he is doing during manipulation and why he is doing it.

    With the help of both of my DOs I have been able to come off of my opioids and deal more constructively with the pain. It is great to have a support person dedicated to helping you achieve your optimum level of health.

    Dr. Mignosa is a caring, concerned, motivated professional who wants the best for his patients.

    Debbie Craig, RN, DNSC

    Rehabilitation/Labor & Delivery Nurse and Professor (Retired)

    Chronic Pain
  • Dr. Mignosa is a wonderful physician, who cares about his patients, listens to them and works hard to help them resolve their problems with his expertise in movement and rehabilitation.

    As an elite high school athlete, bound for collegiate athletics, my son suffered some of the injuries that plague many young athletes today, last year playing through the season with back pain.

    Dr. Mignosa got to the root cause of the problem, when multiple physicians, physical therapists, and chiropractors didn’t. He identified where the problem originated, treated him using physical manipulations and re-alignment techniques, combined with lots of education about posturing and body mechanics, as well as providing him with exercises to strengthen weak areas.

    Today my son is doing great. I’m delighted that he is now pain free and happy to see him happy playing at full strength! I highly recommend Dr. Mignosa!

    Daniel Friedland, MD

    Founder and CEO, SuperSmartHealth

    Sports Medicine


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